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My Story

I was the girl who tried on identities like clothes. I disguised myself with clothes and masks of different personalities. For years, I hid behind an extensive wardrobe of different styles and excessive striving for accomplishments, desperately wanting to be fully known and fully loved.

Yet, fearful of exposing my authentic self or engaging too much in close relationships. One day, I decided to change my body, instead of my clothes. For over a decade, a total identity crisis and addiction, in the form of an eating disorder overtook my life and almost ended it. Through these destructive patterns, I became not enough and too much at the same time.  I perceived and expected rejection in every situation and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy in many ways. I developed destructive habits of self-sabotage that drove a wedge in my most meaningful relationships. 

No matter how much striving and accomplishment, that “enough line” kept moving and I could never reach it.

Reaching hearts and expanding hope by leading others to freedom in knowing the truth.

I later realized that I looked at and responded to life through a lens of rejection because I had actually rejected myself a long time ago. So, I went on a mission to get that girl back, rescue her, accept her, and invite her to live life to the fullest and be genuinely connected with others. 

Do you know what I discovered?

Fitting in isn’t actually the goal! 

Fitting in has never been the goal and will never be enough. 

I used to think I needed to ADAPT and conform to others. Now, I know I was designed to ADD and connect to others. 

And so are you my friend. 

Authentic Identity gives way to purposeful connections. 

I want to invite you on this journey with me in Finding Where We Fit and Getting Fit for our Purpose. 

We were made to reflect our creator. Together we reflect His Kingdom. 

Will you join me in this social rebellion against comparison and control? 

Together, let’s discover how we were designed to build the Kingdom collectively through authentic identity and purposeful connection. 

Get Your Shine On,

Lisa Michelle

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"The Social Rebel"

Continued. . .

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