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It Will Be Alright Tomorrow!

We were hanging out in the bleachers of my husband’s old alma mater and talking with some of his old (like way back…not as in we are) high-school friends. My husband shared an inside laugh with his old buddy after ending one of their reminiscent stories with “it will be alright tomorrow!” The friend’s wife suddenly wore a wide-eyed inquisitive expression and exclaimed “is that where that saying comes from?!? He always says that when I’m upset about something!” Then we all shared a good laugh.

What a fantastic reminder to give ourselves when we are tempted to focus on the negative. It will be alright tomorrow! I just love this! What a fantastic perspective. And a great reminder of God’s promise that His mercies are new every morning.

It will be alright tomorrow. Or, often it will be alright in just a few short moments. Sometimes we let the most trivial things steal our joy and allow us to get caught in a roundabout of anxiety and irritation.

I only wish I was saying this from simply observing the world around me and evaluating others’ reactions to everyday circumstances. I am probably one of the worst offenders I know.

Somehow I have a database of idealistic layouts of days in the life of me (and everyone around me) and when things don’t go according to the vivid pictures in my head I start surrendering my joy, one frustrating moment at a time. And I need that joy. I once heard Holly Wagner say that “Joy is the steel that runs through our bodies.” Not just any joy, but the joy of the Lord.

So, what if we choose to spin these little negative occurrences on their ugly heads and do a re-frame….what if those interruptions are meant to give me a fresh perspective and actually restore some joy? Maybe “meant to” isn’t always appropriate but I’m confident that most of these moments have the potential to do so if I would let them. The Bible tells us that God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

For instance, a mistake my child makes. Maybe all I can see is the interruption of my day and how it affects me staying on task. What if I re-framed this and saw it as a teaching opportunity. Or perhaps it may give me an idea to share in writing or in speaking to someone. Sometimes I’m convinced they are a slap in the face way to show me the precious moments I miss as I blaze through life attempting to check all the boxes on the relentless to-do list of life that is never fully satisfied.

I believe in order to see these interruptions or plans gone amiss in a different light, we really have to look for the possible lesson or positive spin and purposely “re-frame” the situation using a different thought process.

As a mom, some days feel as if they are predominantly characterized by cleaning up messes and re-doing or simply getting back to ground zero, as I refer to it….meaning I only had time for the everyday mundane tasks that never seem to end like laundry & dishes and feel like not much true progression was made since so many little unexpected things came up.

I was having one of these days not long ago when I decided to go in the bathroom to take a few deep breaths, wash my face and re-fix my hair and feel a little more put together. When I opened the drawer I found it splatter with the contents of a tube of toothpaste that had been “mysteriously” squeezed out. After a few more really deep breaths I thankfully remembered something I once heard in a leadership talk: PPPP Pause, Ponder, Pray, Proceed. I love this reminder. And it works!

Most of these teenie weenie little issues aren’t worth the drama we create about them or the emotional energy spent on them. And, it will totally be alight tomorrow!

It WILL be alright tomorrow. It always is. The sun rises every day and mercy is new every morning. There’s always another chance to make better decisions.

What a blessing my husband’s friend is to his wife as he consistently reminds her that it will be alright tomorrow! When I’m upset about something petty with the kids my husband sings the lyrics “you’re gonna miss this. You’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.” from the Brad Pasley song. It makes me smile and helps me to reframe. What an asset to have someone around us to remind us that it will be alright tomorrow and bring fresh perspective when we can’t seem to find it ourselves. Let’s be that person too.

Recall the popular lingo, “don’t sweat the small stuff?” So true. It’s never worth it and life is too short & precious to be freely giving our time away to useless joy robbers. So, when mistakes are made, life is interrupted, and things don’t go as planned, just remind yourself: it will be alright tomorrow!

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